The process of physical strength and good health.


    Michael Perez-Arce

    Fascial Stretch Practitioner

    Massage Bodyworker, LMT

    Corrective Exercise Specialist

    Exercise and Sports Nutrition Coach



    My process of physical strength and good health.


    Piedmont Track and Field Invitational 2006

    1st Place

    Coastal Mountain Conference Championship Ukiah CA, 2006

    1st Place

    U.S. Army Europe USO Germany 2011

    Soldier of the year award

    Sin City Showdown Las Vegas 2017

    3rd Place

    I’ve been active most of my life. I competed in numerous sports while growing up. I am a former collegiate Track and Field athlete, military police officer, and U.S. Army Combat Veteran.


    Multiple injuries throughout my high school years continued to follow me from my military service through to my bodybuilding days. Constant pain has been keeping me from achieving peak performance and an active lifestyle. I would go to the doctor for my pain to be told "stop working out, ice it, take it easy" which I did yet never addressing the reason for treating the area of concern. As time went on and the pain disappeared I would resume training not knowing that working around the injuries in angles that didn't hurt as much as creating long-term effects on my body mechanics.


    I continued to work out and train in the gym, finding new angles of lifting, cutting out specific exercises, not participating in specific sports, basically anything that would cause pain or discomfort. I knew there had to be a smarter, better way to train and recover the body. I attended the Nevada School of Massage therapy, where I spent 970.5 hours learning various massage techniques as well as myokinetic techniques, which consists of studying the muscle's motion and rate of change. I learned that you can apply specific scientific strokes to muscles while in movement, loosening bound fascial/muscle tissue creating a greater range of motion and function in the body. I had also learned of the pathology of muscles, how trauma and inflammation can lead to pain, dysfunction, and myofascial trigger points.


    I knew my knowledge from massage school was incomplete was still not able to address and correct my injuries let alone any future clients, and take full control of my overall strength and health. I was looking for other school and education opportunities and that is when I found the Advanced Training Institute, an education partner with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. They had an extensive 10-month program that taught Anatomy & Physiology, Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Advanced Kinesiology, Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Optimal Performance Training, Certified Personal Training, and Corrective Exercise. I knew this could be that missing link for me when I discovered the cumulative injury cycle.



    I now train athletes who have the experience but lack the anatomy awareness of injuries to reach their peak performance. I use the framework of corrective strategies learned with myofascial release and fascial stretch therapy to assess the body, discover overused and weak muscles that cause myofascial and postural dysfunction, releasing pain, and preventing future injuries.


    To make these changes long-term we work together in improving nutrition and creating a lifestyle that is centered around "Vigor, physical strength and good health."


    My aim is to help other veterans, weekend warriors, and retired athletes manage chronic injuries, regain strength, increase confidence, and improve their overall well-being so they can perform optimally.


    The knowledge I’ve gained from personal experience and my education has equipped me to provide this support. My strategy includes a physical assessment and Nutrition analysis, Lifetsyle Coaching using the Precision Nutrition Method, Downregulating the nervous system using Fascial Stretch Therapy™, Myofascial Release Therapy to inhibit tight, overactive muscles, Corrective Exercise to strengthened overused, weak muscles and brings balance back into posture and movement. I use periodized personal training, once an individual has mastered their foundations, we develop optimal mechanical performance in pursuit of achieving their goals in life pain-free!


    I want to help as many clients as I can get the results they want.


    It will require drive and dedication, but if you are willing to put in the work in your journey of health you will notice results that include

    • Injury Rehabilitation
    • Injury Prevention 
    • Muscle Growth
    • Weightloss
    • Greater strength and endurance
    • Increased Mobility and Flexibility
    • Increased energy
    • More self-confidence
    • Live pain-free 
    • Better Sleep
    • Faster Recovery


    If you are ready to take back your health by working with a knowledgeable and experienced professional, book your free strategy call right now and find out what your goals are and what direction to take in order to achieve them.








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